Art exhibit aims to challenge viewers’ perceptions of rock, paper and scissors.

By Ross Hambo

An art exhibit titled “The Game” has attracted considerable attention at the Hammer Museum for its examination of how player approach and perceive the popular game Rock Paper Scissors.

The exhibit is a white box with a transparent lid, and two holes on opposite sides. On the base, there are two signs: “No lizard, no Spock.” and “You lost.” against a white-grey background of rocks, papers and scissors. Visitors are invited to participate by placing their hands through the holes and playing a round of the game against other visitors.

There have been long lines at the exhibit, with reactions ranging from “This really made me think about my decisions in the game, my education at UCLA, my relationship and my life” and “Highly insightful about the thought process of a competitive mind” to “FUCKING HELL WHY DOES MY OPPONENT ALWAYS PICK ROCK?!” and “I want my money back!”

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the exhibit actually means, and while some have considered it to be “an introspective look at how people decide and react to other people’s decisions”, others have looked at it as a subtle attempt at trickery. A visitor was reported being dragged out by the museum security for throwing a tantrum while repeatedly screaming “YOU FUCKERS, YOU MADE ME LOSE THE GAME! I’VE TRIED NOT TO THINK OF IT FOR EIGHT MONTHS NOW!”


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