Basic math course inspires passions and debate among students

By Edazin Tadop

A new GE offered by the Mathematics department at UCLA, “Math 8: Basic math” has garnered considerable attention among the student community, with a majority of praise directed towards its thought-provoking course material.

The GE, taught by Prof. Ari Thmetic, has focused primarily on topics like basic algebra and mathematical inequalities. It has filled up very quickly, and by virtue of its immense popularity it has united students from nearly all majors.

Carlos Marcus, a freshman sociology major, said on the class: “The lectures on inequalities had taught me something very fundamental. Why should 2 be equal to itself? Why should 6 and 3 be greater than 2, but not 2 and 3 be greater than 6? I took this class and I don’t regret it, because it raises very important questions.”

Bertrand Muscle, a second-year philosophy major on a sports scholarship, remarked, “A question on the midterm read ‘3x = 2x + 1, what is x.’ That to me is what is the beauty of this class, you get to question identities, you get to look at x from both sides of the equation, none of that pretentious ‘Find X’ bullshit that UChicago asks in its admission essays either. This has taught me a lot about life, lessons such as ‘Everything is variable.’ And that’s the true meaning of Christmas.”

Prauc Tiqualle, a junior transfer mechanical engineering student, however openly expressed disdain with regards to the class. “If Johnny has two apples and he buys three more- firstly why be a greedy fuck and buy three more? Eat what you have first, you fat hungry dumbass! And what is it with Jimmy buying 60 watermelons? Who in the hell buys 60 watermelons? Are you looking at a Guinness World Record, or are you a watermelon juice-selling company? This makes no sense to me.” Prauc had reportedly failed a midterm when he was caught asking for scratch paper.


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